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The Story of Spot

                                                     In memory of Spot The Bunny. 1999-2012

- She picked us

    We weren't planning on getting a rabbit when after lunch we decided to stop into the pet store that was in the same shopping center. We just wanted to see the cute bunnies. They had a lot of bunnies and when we walked over they all hopped away; all except one. The one bunny that was left sat up and looked at us. While we were commenting on how cute it was that she had stayed a little girl came by and grabbed her. The girl ran around the store with the bunny in her arms with the front legs sticking out over her arm and the back legs dangling down below her arms. As she ran the bunny bounced from side to side but didn't kick or fuss at all. I turned to my wife and said "If she sets the bunny down we are getting it."

- Home we went

    A small cage that at the time seemed huge compared to her was her home. She really didn't want to sit in anyone's lap but she loved being carried around. Our arms would fall asleep and she still wouldn't want down. But sit down with her and she'd instantly jump to the ground. She'd be fine on the couch if we were on the floor but get up there with her and down she'd jump again. Since she was so soft (mini Rex bunnies have very soft fur) we'd go for the carrying her around option.
    She'd play on the bed with us but whenever she wanted down she'd do a quick bite to tell us she wanted down. Apparently if you are covered in fur that doesn't hurt like it does without fur. Screaming out in pain whenever she did it seemed to eventually get her to stop.

- She shared the place with us

    She quickly made herself at home. Finding places to flop. Generally anywhere where we could see her. She would run around the living room like a racetrack. Going faster and faster, leaping through the space between the couch and end table. Over the magazines she'd fly and back around again.
    She found the hallway and the bedrooms. One morning, when the bedroom door was closed, she went back and forth in the hallway looking for where the room had gone. Went into the bathroom and looked behind its open door trying to find the room on the other side of the wall.
    Then she found the bed in the bedroom and all the space for a bunny underneath. But getting under the bed wasn't the important goal, it was having us see that she got under the bed. She'd pause at the entrance to the room and thump and wait until we walked around the corner before she dove under the bed.

- Plotting is half the fun

    It quickly became obvious that she enjoyed planning the bad behavior as much if not more than doing it. A tell quickly became obvious. Her tail would wiggle super fast as she got close to doing whatever it was she was going to do. If we'd call out her name at that point she'd jump startled into the air and do her impression of a bucking bronco running away.

- Persistance is the name of the game
   Rabbits in general are very task focused. Once she'd decide that some form of misbehaving was fun then for the next week or two that was her goal. Whenever she thought she had a chance of getting away with it she'd charge right into it.
   It didn't matter if it was getting on the couch and attacking the pillows or pushing the screen door aside to get at the rose bushes in the back yard.
   Once she was focused on it you could try to distract her but she'd go right back to it as soon as we were looking away.
   We have more videos where she is dragging everything we put to block the screen door out of the way and then escaping.
- She would do most anything for banana
    Banana was by far her favorite treat. We did limit her to very small pieces because they aren't really a benificial food for rabbits.
    It quickly became part of her routine to get a little banana every moring. She caught on to the sound the banana made being peeled and then figured out the sound of it being pulled from the bunch so we no longer had to yell "Banana" when we had it for her.
   As you can see in the clip at the right it didn't take much to make her come running for banana.



    more to come......................






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