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How to Raise a Happy and Healthy Rabbit
- Bad Habits

    One of the best pieces of advice I found was watch what your rabbit does wrong and find toys to fill that need. If they chew on furniture, get them more chunks of their own wood to chew on. There are a lot of different wood, willow and other material rabbit toys out there. We’ve bought plenty that Spot has had no interest in and a few that she just loves. These save our furniture our carpet and us from being chewed on. So watch your rabbit, see if they are chewing, tossing, stacking, knocking over or what activity they seem to be craving and come up with a playful way for them to use up that energy. Spot loves the balls that are made out of willow and really loves the willow barbells we now buy them by the handfull.

    Rabbits love to play, they like picking things up in their mouths and tossing them, they love chewing on things, they love things that make noise when they rattle them. Slinkys, paper tubes, small plain cardboard boxes can keep them busy for quite some time. destroy

    The hopper hideaway is also mentioned in the housing section  With the floor of the tunnel cut out of it she will grab the ends of the tunnel and chew on them and pull on them. It gives her exercise and is yet another way to get the destructive behaviour out of her system without destroying something that we want to keep.

    Cover electrical cords or raise them up where they can’t get at them, a rabbit will find the cord eventually and that’s a lot of electricity for a small animal. Plus it gets old having to tape up all the chew marks on all the cords in the house. There are citrus scented clear covers that seem to cause her to have no interest in the cords anymore. These work much better than the black plastic covers, spot just found them to be a challenge that had to be met.
There is just something about the material that wiring insulation is made out of that they just love. Also watch rubber bands and pencil erasers. Rabbits love chewing on them and neither is any good for rabbits.

    Another good point I read years ago is that rabbits are very task oriented. They like to finish a job once they start on it so they will tend to go back to whatever bad deed they were doing the day before so make it impossible for them to get back to it so they can move on.


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